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PHPDocX v3.7 release notes

We are happy to announce the release of the 3.7 version of PHPDocX.

The main goal of this version is to allow for the generation of "right to left language" (like, for example, Arabic or Hebrew) Word documents with PHPDocX.

It is now possible to set up global RTL properties that affect the whole document or to stablish them for just some particular elements like paragraphs, tables, etcetera.

The following methods/classes/files have been added or modified:

Over 15.000 PHPDocX installations worldwide

We are glad to announce that last week PHPDocX hit the 15.000 worldwide installation mark!!

But, of course, we hope that this only means the beginning of a wider dissemination of PHPDocX: 15.000 installations barely represent a speck among the almost 100 million currently active websites developed in PHP.

Although quantity may be a significative attribute quality is definitely more important.

“Word Fragments”: the new PHPDocX paradigm to build sophisticated Word documents

Since v3.0 we have included the notion of Word (or WordML) fragments to simplify the process of creating sophisticated Word documents from scratch.

The idea is conceptually simple: one can create “independent chunks” of content that are not directly included in the Word document but rather “buffered” so they can be easily inserted within other Word elements like tables, lists or paragraphs.

PHPDocX v3.0 release notes

We have just released PHPDocX v3.0.

This new version includes substantial changes that have required that this new version were not fully backwards compatible with the latest v2.7.

Nevertheles the changes in the API are not difficult to implement in already existing scripts and the advantages are multiple.

The main changes are summarized as follows:

PHPDocX Crypto API: disentangling Microsoft encryption standards for Word documents

Since the summer of 2012 we have been working hard on incorporating into PHPDocX some standard protection and encryption capabilities currently available for MS Office documents.

An now we are finally harvesting the fruits of our work.

The world of document security and protection is not one of the easiest to get to know. Information regarding Cryptographic APIs seems also to be encrypted although not by standard cryptographic algorithms but rather by other more sociological/commercial methods.


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