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PHPdocx 2.3 and HTML insertion: compatibility issues

This information is outdated, please, refer to the HTML to Word documentation for up to date info.

To render HTML in a docx document generated with PHPdocx we use a the OOXML <altchunk> that permits to add content to a docx document (rtf, HTML, more ...) as alternative content

Standard Windows Word render engines can read and show properly this kind of content to the user.

PHPDocx Pro and subdomains

The PRO and PRO+ licenses are only valid for a given subdomain, so when you buy a license for any of these two packages you should give the whole subdomain.domain (for example, data.

If no subdomain is included, PHPDocX will assume that the license is only valid for the standard "www" subdomain.

If you want a domainwise valid PHPDocX license covering all posible subdomains you need a CORPORATE license. In this case is only necessary to include the domain name (for example, in the URL field whenever you buy your PHPDocX license.

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