Online DEMO: Sample Word report

Test the power of phpdocx

If you fulfill the following web form you will generate a Word document that will include the provided data in one of the three predefined templates offered. This DEMO only covers a tiny portion of the phpdocx features. Please visit the documentation section of this website, or check out the samples included in the phpdocx package to know in greater depths all you can do with this versatile tool.

01. Choose your template

You may choose among this three templates for this particular demo:

    Please, choose one of the predefined templates.

  • The first template includes a 3D pie chart.
  • The second template includes a 2D pie chart.
  • The third template includes a bar graph.
  • All templates include minor variations in design.

02. Some standard variables to include in the template

    Name to be included in the header (upper right corner).

    Title will be inserted in the document front page.

    We have limited these input boxes to eighteen characters for testing purposes.

03. Insert a chart

Insert the data for an standard chart (pie or bars depending of the template you choose):

    You may introduce here tha data to be plotted.

    Include as many rows as you wish with the "Add data" button.

    If you remove all data rows the whole "chart block" of the template will be removed so there is no empty chart left.

04. Insert a list of items

You may generate the contents of, for example, a table with an indefinite number of rows.

List of items:

    This part is to illustrate how you may add an indefinite number of rows to a predesigned table.

    If you remove all data rows the whole "table block" of the template will be removed so there is no empty table left.

05. Insert some HTML

    You may insert very sophisticated HTML chunks into a Word document using phpdocx.

    This example illustrate how to insert HTML content provided by a standard WYSIWYG text editor.

    If you leave this input empty the "HTML block" of the template will be removed.

06. Insert an image

Choose the image that will be included in the resulting Word document:

    You may also insert images in a Word document on run time. Please, choose any of the images to illustrate this feature of phpdocx.