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It is a pleasure to announce that phpdocx 13 is now live and ready for download. This new major version includes many powerful features designed to help you create, convert and transform amazing documents, simplify your taskforce and save lots of development time. To get phpdocx, please visit our Pricing section and choose the license that best...

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We had a php application with the requirement to create Word Documents on the fly out of existing HTML content. Very soon we came across phpdocx as it seemed to be the only up-to-date solution for this requirement. Implementation was very straightforward and support was fast and good. I can highly recommend phpdocx.

Stefan Schmidt

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phpxlsx is the library you need to create amazing Excel spreadsheets. Add easily contents, functions, cells and sheets, convert straight from HTML and CSS, work with templates, return information, generate reports in any server, and more.

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