phpdocx for designers

phpdocx helps designers create superb looking documents in a breeze with maximum quality and fidelity to the original sources.

Enhance your documents

Place all of these elements and more in your final document:

Enhance your documents with many elements
Import content or styles from DOCX or HTML or apply your own

Import content and styles from DOCX or HTML

Either you want to apply your own styles, taken from a CSS or any other stylesheet, or to use the Word predefined ones, your documents will always keep the maximum quality and fidelity to the original source.


Create nice word charts dinamically

Generate 2D and 3D charts of many different types:

  • Bar
  • Column
  • Pie
  • Line
  • Area
  • Surface
  • … and many more!
Create nice Word charts of many different types dinamically

Many other useful features

Modify the Page Layout

Change elements like paper size and margins, write in international formats (A3, A4, and so on) or make your custom one.

Images resizing

Control the size, the scale, the dpi or the target, wether you want it in the main body of the document or in the header or footer.

Modify the Word properties

Change the title, subject, author, keywords, description, content status, company name… and more.

Right to left languages

Set the direction of the text from right to left, either in the whole document or just part of it.

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