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Trial Version


Practical information

- This trial version is fully functional and has no expiration date.

- Its purpose is exclusively to test the functionality of phpdocx Basic.

- It is not meant for a production environment.

- In case of any doubts, feel free to contact us.

Download and try phpdocx and see why it is the most powerful document generation library available!

The trial version is based on the Basic package, with the following limitations:

  • All generated documents have a watermark. They also show an additional paragraph stating that they are generated with the latest version of phpdocx Basic.
  • As the trial package emulates the phpdocx Basic version, it does not contain exclusive features of the Advanced and Premium versions (PDF conversion plugin, cryptographic package, digital signature, etcetera).

The trial package code is somehow obfuscated. All PHP code of the paid versions is open and not obfuscated (although protected by copyright) and it is profusely commented to allow further customizations and/or to facilitate integration with other software tools.

Did you like the trial version?

Take the next step and bring out the best of the library with any of its licenses. You will find what you were missing:

  • PDF conversion plugin
  • Namespaces
  • Signdocx and PDF
  • Cryptophpdocx
  • Watermarking
  • And many other features!

Gain advantage of the great phpdocx features to come! With the License Update Service (LUS), you will never miss an update and you will enjoy other discounts and benefits.