License Update Service

How to update your License

  • Log in and go to MY PHPDOCX.
  • Find the license(s) you want to update.
  • Click the “Upgrade to” button. Choose the package you prefer.
  • Complete the process and your license will be updated.
  • During the process you'll be able to get a LUS (License Update Service) to be updated for a year with a 33% off.

License Update Service

The advantage of keeping updated

The License Update Service (LUS) is the fastest and easiest way to keep your phpdocx license permanently up to date. All you need to buy this service is a valid license for the latest available version. This service provides the following benefits:

  • Free updates for next releases

    The LUS grants you free access to every available update (new versions, improvements, enhancements, additional features and bug fixes) for your phpdocx license, delivered at no charge right to your dashboard for a whole year.

  • 10% Off on your next phpdocx license

    The LUS includes the benefit of an automatic discount of 10% on the purchase of any phpdocx license. This discount is in addition to any other existing promotion.

  • Option to change the name of the subdomain/domain or IP number

    LUS gives you the option to change the name/IP tied to your license for a price much lower than purchasing an equivalent license.

  • Access to phpdocx Private Area

    Download new methods and bugfixes still in beta development stage, be the first to learn the news about phpdocx, read development tips and advices about phpdocx and access exclusive contents, like the knowledge database and samples.

In order to continue receiving these significant advantages, you can optionally choose to renew your LUS each year.

As the renewal of this service is not automatic, you will be notified by email when your LUS is about to expire.

After Renewing Your LUS

You will receive an automated email confirming the renewal and one year will be added to the expiration date. See your dashboard to check the LUS status.

Remember, after renewing, nothing physical (media, box or printed user guide) will be shipped to you. The LUS renewal gives you another year's access to the above benefits.