Practical phpdocx

Document transformations


One of the most popular functionalities of phpdocx is transforming between different document formats. You can convert HTML to DOCX, DOCX to PDF, DOCX to HTML, DOC to DOCX, ODT to DOCX, among many more document formats.


Conversion from HTML and CSS to DOCX allows to generate MS Word contents with HTML tags and CSS styles.

In addition, Premium licenses can invoke phpdocx methods with HTML Extended and CSS Extended to place contents and styles not supported by standard HTML tags. E.g., to insert comments, headers, sections and many others.

The page HTML and CSS of this practical guide offers more information about this functionality.


Converting DOCX to PDF is as simple as choose the conversion plugin method to use and then invoke transformDocument:

You can transform documents created from scratch with phpdocx, or generate them with any other application, like MS Word, LibreOffice or another external library.

The conversion plugin page has all the information regarding this functionality.


Just like conversion to PDF, Advanced and Premium licenses allow to transform DOCX to HTML:

The available customization options let you modify easily the process, or even creating new conversion plugins.

Visit the page Word to HTML for more information.

Other transformations

Many other document formats are compatible: DOC, ODT, RTF… Thus, it is possible to convert DOC documents to DOCX to use the set of methods of the phpdocx API, and then transform them again to DOC or to PDF or any other document type:

The introduction to the conversion plugin lists all the compatible formats.

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