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Undefined variables / version 5.5
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Posted by luerssen  · 18-01-2016 - 07:35



in MultiMerge.php there are several variables not defined

line 1950: lastParagraph

line 2233: currentId

line 2251: curentId (missing 'r') you use a ide that shows errors in php-code like phpstorm ? Maybe you should do it ;)

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Posted by admin  · 18-01-2016 - 08:05


That variables should always be defined, could you send the DOCX you're merging to contact[at], maybe they're missing some internal structure.

And we use Sublime Text 3, that shows all info about PHP code ;)


Posted by luerssen  · 18-01-2016 - 10:44



here a example piece of code 8starts at Line 2248 in

2248            $queryId = '//rels:Relationship[@Id="' . $currentId . '"]';
2249            $currentIdNodes = $originalXPath->query($queryId);
2250            if ($currentIdNodes->length == 0) {
2251                $queryId = '//rels:Relationship[@Id="' . $curentId . '"]';

You see the missing "r" in Line 2251 ;)