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Call to undefined method phpdocx\transform\transformdocadvpdf::transformw_sdt()

Posted by corehighered  · 27-09-2019 - 13:22


     I just bought the premium version of phpdocx yesterday.  I have used the sample code to convert a docx file to a pdf.  It works for most files, but there are a lot files that fail with the following error message.

Call to undefined method Phpdocx\Transform\TransformDocAdvPDF::transformW_SDT() in /Phpdocx/Transform/TransformDocAdvPDF.php on line 361

Phpdocx/Transform/TransformDocAdvHTML.php does contain that method, but it does not work when used in TransformDocAdvPDF.


use Phpdocx\Create\CreateDocx;

$docx = new CreateDocx();
$docx->transformDocument("test4.docx", "test4.pdf");

Posted by admin  · 27-09-2019 - 14:46


Structure tags (sdt tags) are not supported by the native conversion method ( OOXML tags and attributes when using the native method section).
The next release of phpdocx will remove throwing an error when a not supported content (such as a structure tag) is found. As your license includes LUS, you can download it sending an e-mail to contact[at], the dev team will send a link to download it.

We recommend you to use the conversion plugin method based on libreoffice ( method to use for the conversion? section). On you can read the instructions to install and use it.