2mdc update PhpdocX to version 1.5 with new features

  • Jul 12, 2010

Do you need to generate Word documents dynamically?. PhpdocX can do this and much more by creating highly customized reports by fetching data directly from your database or spreadsheet to build editable graphs or tables of contents to improve the readability of the document. With PHPDocX you can make Microsoft Word files available to your users easily and with the confidence that it is the latest information available in your database. You can also generate PDFs or HTML too.
PHPdocX is built around open standards and allows you to customize very complex Word documents using features such as text boxes, nested lists, footnotes and 3D graphs.
In the words of Javier Villalva, Director General of 2mdc: "PhpDocX 1.5 is a substantial improvement compared to the previous version and adds new features to an already robust library. With the release of the new version of PhpdocX, you can now generate Word documents from your database which are now much more customizable. "
Jorge López, Senior Developer at 2mdc, says "Simplicity, speed and flexibility are the PHPdocX keys"

New Features

Version 1.5 of PhpdocX solves several issues exiting in the previous version, adds new features (only Pro version) and includes several options which improve already available features:

With the new version of PHPDocX, you are no longer limited by paragraphs to assign formats. The options to target specific elements have been improved allowing you to customize smaller clusters of data within a paragraph such as sentences, words or single characters. All of these elements can now be formatted individually with: bold, italics or any other style.
New engine added to convert HTML and CSS into Word documents. With this new feature you can convert web pages or other documents in HTML into Word documents and apply formatting through a CSS file with specific selectors.
Compatibility with PHP 5.3.
PHP 4 version only corrects some bugs and problems and don't include new improvements.

Price and availability

PhpdocX is available under four different licenses:

Free. LGPL licensed: this is the most economical way to access PHPdocX and allows you to try many of its functions without limitations. It can be downloaded for free from
Pro: Priced at USD 90 (EUR 73 ), PhpdocX Pro version adds many customizable features.
Pro (on Site): This version includes the installation of the library on your server, custom templates and maintenance for one year. Request a quote for this option.
Pro (on Site - Multisite: This version includes custom templates, maintenance for one year and installation on multiple sites. Request a quote for this option.

You can access a table comparing the features of the free version and the Pro version on our website: