Digital Signature for Word documents with PHP

  • Oct 23, 2012

We have just launched a Digital Signature package por PHPDocX that greatly simplify the process to digitally sign a Word document in a web server.

Our Digital Signature package, that can be integrated as a plugin with the CORPORATE version of the library or be used as a standalone application, allows to add a digital signature to any Word document in docx format with a few lines of code.

The only requisites to digitally sign a Word document with the Digital Signature package are:

That your web server runs PHP 5.
That the package can access the digital certificate data stored in your server.

The Word documents that you want to sign may not be necessarily generated with the PHPDocX library and you may sign a Word document comming from any source as long as it is accesible to your web server.

You may also use the Digital Signature package to sign PDFs, so you may digitally sign a Word document and also sign the PDF that is obtained, for example, from the conversion plugin integrated into the CORPORATE version of PHPDocX.


You may also get a standalone version of the package. This standalone version runs independently of PHPDocX so you can just use it by its own.

If you want more information you may visit our digital signature tutorial.

Or you can go directly here to buy the Digital Signature package if you have already made up your mind.