Improvements in HTML2WordML for the insertion of HTML into a Word document (v2.5.3)

  • Jun 21, 2012

HTML2WordML is the class used internally by PHPDocX to handle the embedding of HTML into a Word document (see, for example, the API documentation for the embedHTML and replaceTemplateVariableByHTML methods).

Since version 2.5.3 we have introduced several improvements regarding:

The implementation of CSS styles into Word that now covers practically the whole standard.
The generation of headings out from HTML titles so that they may be included automatically in the Table of Contents of the generated Word document.
The possibility to include tables which headers repeat over consecutive pages whenever the table splits.
Improved HTML filtering through the new filter option that allows to use different CSS selectors.
Better management of ordered lists.
Correction of minor bugs.

Of course, this is an ongoing process that also depends on the feedback that our users offer us requesting new features or pointing out minor bugs in the library.