Introducing phpxlsx

  • May 04, 2022

We are happy to announce the release of phpxlsx. phpxlsx is a library for the dynamic generation of Excel spreadsheets with HTML and CSS. This PHP tool is fast, easy to use and allow maximum conversion quality. It is offered in three different licenses, Basic, Advanced and Premium, which you can choose depending on your project needs.

The first major version of phpxlsx is available online on its own website. Just sign up or log in if you already have an account and you will be ready to get phpxlsx and benefit from this efficient library.

phpxlsx will release new versions on a regular basis, which will add features for all its licenses. There is also available a License Update Service that grants free access for upcoming updates for a whole year. Plus, users have a comprehensive documentation knowledge base, technical support through a forum, a contact form or a ticketing system and a free trial package ready for download.

This library is designed by 2mdc, the same company that created the essential DOCX document generation family, including phpdocx, javadocx and xmldocx. We at 2mdc have more than twenty years of experience designing web applications which have gained worldwide recognition.

We hope that phpxlsx will boost your project’s workflow and that it will inspire you to create the most amazing spreadsheets.

Happy coding!