Over 15.000 PHPDocX installations worldwide

  • Jun 17, 2013

We are glad to announce that last week PHPDocX hit the 15.000 worldwide installation mark!!

But, of course, we hope that this only means the beginning of a wider dissemination of PHPDocX: 15.000 installations barely represent a speck among the almost 100 million currently active websites developed in PHP.

Although quantity may be a significative attribute quality is definitely more important.

For the last two years and a half we have been working hard to improve PHPDocX  depth, scope and flexibility and our users have been very generous recognizing our efforts.

PHPDocX is currently receiving new orders from clients that bought their first license more than two years ago even though at that time PHPDocX was clearly at its infancy.

We are nevertheless conscious that there is still room for improvement and that is one of the reasons why we implement, up to the time being,  a FREE update policy that allows for the download of newer  and improved versions of PHPDocX at no extra cost.

We are now in the process of launching PHPDocX plugins for WordPress, DRUPAL and Symfony 2. These plugins would be distributed freely and they will include the Community version of the library. Nevertheless, because of their inner architecture they would be easily upgradable to integrate PRO library packages thus offering extra functionality to our PRO customers without the need of any additional investment.

Let us finish this announcement by thanking all of you your interest in PHPDocX and all your positive feedback!!


The PHPDocX Team

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