PHPdocx 2.3 and HTML insertion: compatibility issues

  • Aug 26, 2011

This information is outdated, please, refer to the HTML to Word documentation for up to date info.
To render HTML in a docx document generated with PHPdocx we use a the OOXML that permits to add content to a docx document (rtf, HTML, more ...) as alternative content
Standard Windows Word render engines can read and show properly this kind of content to the user.
The problem is that not every version of Word that support docx documents has support for and this has nothing to do with PHPDocX: it's a decision of Microsoft. At this point,Open Office, Office for Windows 2003 with compatibility Pack and Office for Mac 2008 donĀ“t have support for so any document created with any script that uses is not rendered properly in thos platforms.
Office 2007 for Windows or higher and Office for Mac 2011 have support for . we are planning to add some alternative ways to include, at least, some basic HTML to docx documents that will be open with no problem in a non-compatible Word version.L.
AddbasicHTML will be available on PHPdocx Pro 2.4 early september.
Users of PHPdocx Pro 2.3 could ask for a Golden Master version if this issue is affecting them directly.