PHPdocx 2.3 release notes

  • Jun 03, 2011

It is available for download (or update) the new version of PHPDocX. PHPDocX PRO 2.3 comes with lots of new features and options. Some of them have been requested while othershave been simply developed to expand the capabilities of the library.
But, What's new?

New HTML parser, more powerful and accurate: same results as Word exporting HTML
Now you can embed RTF and .docx documents inside another document
Merge of HTML, RTF and .docx documents on templates
Customized bullets on list (dot, square, empty dot)
Support for creation of new lines
Now you can control the spacing between lines
Advanced management of templates (text blocks)
Checkbox support
Shapes and Figures (basic)
Now you can define the number of columns in a section of the document
Method to retrieve variables given in a document
Improved management of the temp folder used to generate .docx documents
PHPdocx check now if the PHP installed version is a correct one to execute the library
New examples

Also, in PHPdocx 2.3 we add OpenOffice support. Now all the PHPdocx's generated documents are compatible with OpenOficce. Note: OpenOffice has limited support to represent some features of .docx documents.
We are working actively in some developments that will expand the connectivity of the library included a system that reads a created template, identify all variables and construct a web form to make easy the generation of documents based on templates by non technnical users. Please, if you're interested in this solution, contact us.
Some users ask for the use of PHPdocx as a service so we start to offer in the very next few days a new license that open PHPdocx to be used as Software as Service with affordable price and custom options. If you need "now" PHPdocx as SaaS, do not hesitate to contact us.