phpdocx v11 release notes

  • 12 / 01 / 2020

We are happy to announce the release of the new major version of phpdocx.

phpdocx 11 brings many new features and enhancements. Here follows the full list:

  • New HTML API: more than 90 new supported tags, attributes and styles.
  • CSS Extended: apply phpdocx styles from custom CSS, use font-face style to embed TTF fonts (Premium licenses).
  • PHP 8 support. Compatible with PHP 5.2.11 to PHP 8.
  • Using ${ } to wrap placeholders in templates is supported.
  • HTML to DOCX: SVG support to add images as URL, base64 and using svg tags (ImageMagick PHP extension is needed).
  • Insert custom images as bullets when adding lists with a custom list style.
  • HTML Extended new option, mixPlaceholderStyles, to mix existing placehoder pPr and rPr styles when being replaced by HTML (Premium licenses).
  • Added support in Indexer for online images (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • PDFUtilities includes addBackgroundImage to add a background image to PDF documents (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • HTML Extended: allows using HTML Extended block contents embedded in other tags, added new tag to insert online videos, transform HTML tabs (	 instead of  ) (Premium licenses).
  • Added support for overriding styles in level lists with mergeDocx (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • DOCX to HTML: improved handling table borders and rowspans, and multiple checkboxes in the same paragraph (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • New option to apply custom paragraph styles to the generated TOC contents.
  • addSection and modifyPageLayout allow setting a space option to specify the spacing between columns and generate custom column layouts.
  • addImage and replacePlaceholderImage include support for BMP images.
  • DOCXCustomizer supports setting the space property in sections (Premium licenses).
  • LibreOffice 7 support when using the conversion plugin (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Embed fonts method prevents adding duplicated fonts (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • New option in the conversion plugin based on LibreOffice to include extra parameters when doing the conversions (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • HTML to DOCX: MathML equations can be embedded and converted in the HTML when using embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML (Premium licenses).
  • HTML to DOCX: changed the order of \n and \r\n when using the removeLineBreaks option.
  • HTML to DOCX: set 9999999999 as default wrap value when using Tidy to prevent Tidy versions not working correctly with 0 value to avoid extra blank spaces.
  • HTML to DOCX: lists with and without custom list styles can be added at the same time when setting customListStyles as true.
  • HTML to DOCX: DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX sets as default rStyle when generating links.
  • Fixed misspelled styleEmbedding option in embedFont (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Limited numId values in lists to 32767 to prevent a bug of some DOCX readers if the value is higher.
  • addLink includes rStyle option to apply a custom style to the hyperlink (DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX is set as default).
  • Added support for orientation and axPos properties in addChart.
  • Added an extra check to get the correct image type when working with image streams.
  • The createListStyle method includes suff option to set level suffix: tab, space or nothing.
  • Pie and doughnut charts support formatCode option. Pie charts support formatDataLabels option.
  • All samples include new comments.
  • Limited the max values of numId attributes used in lists.
  • optimizeTemplate uses DOCXStructure to read and save documents (Premium licenses).
  • Scatter charts support adding multiple series.
  • Updated images and templates in samples.

To get phpdocx11, just go to Pricing and select the license(s) that best suit your business needs.

Users with a previous version can upgrade by going to MY PHPDOCX and clicking UPGRADE TO.

Users with a valid License Update Service (LUS) may update their version to the newest one at no cost.

We wish you the best with your projects with the help of phpdocx.