phpdocx v12.5 release notes

  • Jan 19, 2022

We are happy to announce that phpdocx 12.5 is now live.

This new version includes many features and updates designed to make you create the most amazing documents. To get version 12.5, just go to Pricing and select the license that you prefer.

If you have a previous phpdocx version, you can upgrade: go to MY PHPDOCX and click on the Upgrade button. Users with an active LUS (License Update Service) can have phpdocx 12.5 for free.

Here’s the full list of phpdocx 12.5 contents:

  • New method to modify merge fields: modifyMergeFields (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • cloneBlock allows cloning the same block multiple times and adding variables to replace them with text strings or WordFragments (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • PHP 8.1 support.
  • Theme charts with addChart new options: serDataLabels (formatCode, position, showCategory, showLegendKey, showPercent, showSeries and showValue) (Premium licenses).
  • New options in addChart: gapWidth and overlap for bar and column charts.
  • Support multiple comments, endnotes and footnotes in the same content using addComment, addEndnote and addFootnote methods.
  • watermarkDocx allows adding multiline texts and applying bold and italic styles (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • watermarkPdf improvements when auto centering watermarks and working with multiple sizes and orientations in the same PDF, supports setting width and height values when adding an image as watermark (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • HTML to DOCX: a tag wrapping images adds hyperlink element (hlinkClick) to the image.
  • HTML Extended: allow mixing standard HTML tags and HTML Extended tags, replace 0xa0 characters by blank spaces (Premium licenses).
  • CSS Extended: new data-highlight style to apply a highlight style (Premium licenses).
  • DocxUtilities: searchAndReplace, searchAndRemove and searchAndHighlight methods allow using arrays (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • PPTXUtilities and XLSXUtilities: new splitPptx and splitXlsx methods (Premium licenses).
  • PPTXUtilities and XLSXUtilities: improved searchAndReplace methods to allow replacing parts of string contents (Premium licenses).
  • MultiMerge supports links with mixed IDs and anchors and OLE objects embedded in equations (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Tracking supports inline replacements when using replaceVariableByWordFragment (Premium licenses).
  • Added new XML namespaces to the default base template used in mergeDocx and mergeDocxAt (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • inline-block replacement type can be used with the same placeholder name more than once (Premium licenses).
  • replacePlaceholderImage sets a new random ID to the replaced image
  • Native DOCX to HTML (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • RTL: paragraphs (textDirection, rtl, bidi styles), run-of-text (rtl style)
    • comments, endnotes, and footnotes are added inside their own section tags with a specific class.
    • Lists allow using custom symbols (Wingdings font) as list-style-type, circle type is supported.
    • Tables: direction (btLr, tbLrV, tbRl, tbRlV), cell padding styles.
    • Textboxes: margin-top, default border when none is set.
    • Sections: columns.
    • Tracked contents: ins and del tags.
    • Highlight style added as w:pPr/w:rPr style.
  • Native DOCX to PDF (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • comments, endnotes, and footnotes are added inside their own section tags with a specific class.
    • Tables: cell padding styles.
    • Textboxes: margin-top, default border when none is set.
    • Tracked contents: ins and del tags.
    • Highlight style added as w:pPr/w:rPr style.
  • DOCXCustomizer: added keepLines and keepNext support (Premium licenses).
  • Bulk processing: replaceText allows replacing multiple placeholders inside the same w:t tag (Premium licenses).
  • Repairing placeholders in template methods apply the xml:space="preserve" attribute in all cases.
  • Added suppressLineNumbers option to addDateAndHour, addFormElement, addHeading, addText and createParagraphStyle methods.
  • Added emboss, noProof, outline and shadow options to createCharacterStyle, addHeading and addText methods.
  • Added primaryStyle option to the createParagraphStyle method to set a custom paragraph style as important to be displayed in the styles dialog (use with the semiHidden option set as true).
  • Added a new static variable (HTML2WordML::$scaleImageFactor) to customize the default scale factor when adding images from HTML (7200 as default).
  • Added vertAlign option to the createCharacterStyle method.
  • Updated the included base template files to use MS Word MIME type.
  • replaceTableVariable includes the addExtraSiblingNodes option to include nodes without placeholders when using multiple rows with placeholders.
  • Improved replacing placeholders by WordFragments when doing inline type replacements to keep existing rPr styles in contents after placeholders.
  • The mergeDocx method doesn't add webSettings and theme1 relationships if the first DOCX to be merged doesn't include them (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • The addTextBox method generates an internal v:shapetype tag automatically, useful for latest versions of LibreOffice.
  • Close ZIP files at the end of the following methods: parseDocx in DOCXStructure, generateBaseWordNumbering, addChart (externalXLSX option), importHeadersAndFooters and importChartStyle.

Update 12.5.1 - Feb 09, 2022

  • The algorithm used for embedding fonts with the embedFont method is updated, in order to increase compatibility with DOCX readers.
  • The libxml_use_internal_errors function has been added while importing HTML. It automatically hides the PHP warnings shown by specific custom error levels, when no standard tags are used with the PHP DOM loadHTML method.
  • parseLineBreaks option in replaceListVariable with multiple levels.

Update 12.5.2 - Mar 16, 2022

  • BulkProcessing: performance improvements when replacing text contents and working with a DOCX template that includes many images.