phpdocx v13.5 release notes

  • Dec 01, 2022

It is a pleasure to announce phpdocx 13.5, the new version of the library.

phpdocx 13.5 incorporates new features, methods and options, as well as improvements in previous ones. We are sure you will find them an essential benefit for your projects.

In order to get phpdocx 13.5, please go to Pricing and select the license(s) that best suit your job needs. Users with previous licenses can upgrade to the latest one. It's as simple as going to MY PHPDOCX, selecting the license and clicking on the Upgrade button.

Users with a current LUS (License Update Service) may update to this new version for free at MY PHPDOCX.

The complete list of phpdocx 13.5 is as follows:

  • New addOLE method to embed OLE objects (docx, xlsx, pptx, doc, xls and ppt files).
  • New getTemplateVariablesType method to return template variables and their types (text, table, list, image) (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • New replaceBlock method (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • New features in cloneBlock (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • Improved cloneBlock when using block placeholders with parent elements.
    • Added images as new key to replace image placeholders when cloning blocks.
  • The deleteTemplateBlock method has been renamed to deleteBlock and includes two delete types: block (default), inline. The deleteTemplateBlock method is available as alias of deleteBlock without the new parameter.
  • New parseMode option in CreateDocxFromTemplate to get template placeholders and repair internal placeholders. The parse mode is slower than the default one, but it's more accurate when the template includes placeholder symbols as regular contents.
  • Improvements in addComment, addEndnote and addFootnote:
    • WordFragments can be used in the textDocument option.
    • pStyle and rStyle new options to change the default values.
  • New resourceMode option added in addImage and replacePlaceholderImage methods to add images using image resources (GD).
  • HTML to DOCX:
    • Supported inches and cms to set dimensions when transforming images.
    • Improved transforming comments, endnotes and footnotes as inline contents using HTML Extended. New data-type (block or inline) attribute (Premium licenses).
    • Multiple comments, endnotes and footes can be added to the same content using HTML Extended (Premium licenses).
    • New HTML Extended tags: phpdocx_citation, phpdocx_bibliography (Premium licenses).
    • Improved working with list override styles as sublevels using HTML Extended (Premium licenses).
    • The empty paragraph added as default in empty cells includes a default spacing style.
  • Native DOCX to HTML:
    • Chart support: bar (group, stack and percent), column (group, stack and percent), pie, doughnut and line charts. Plotly JS library (MIT license) is used as default chart library.
    • New includeContentTypes option to include or avoid transforming specific content types: images, charts.
    • Supported pPr and rPr styles in custom table styles.
    • Empty font families values are not added.
  • New options to style charts with addChart (Premium licenses):
    • Theme: new position option in serDataLabels.
    • Theme: new valueDataLabels option to customize labels by position.
  • Adding captions in images and tables:
    • Supported position (below and above) option when adding captions.
    • Improved generation of autonumeric values when the captions use the same style name.
    • New option added to set keepNext.
  • New stylesReplacementTypeOverwrite option in replaceVariableByHTML and replaceVariableByWordFragment methods to overwrite existing placeholder styles when using the mixPlaceholderStyles option (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Supported dompdf 2 in the native conversion plugin (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • DOCXStructure and in-memory DOCX documents supported in DOCXUtilites methods: modifyDocxSettings, parseCheckboxes, removeChapter, replaceChartData, searchAndColor, searchAndHighlight, searchAndRemove, searchAndReplace, setLineNumbering (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • DOCXCustomizer supports numbering as target (Premium licenses).
  • Supported AppImage format when using the conversion plugin based on LibreOffice (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • DOCXStructureFromStream removes the temp file automatically after parsing it (Premium licenses).
  • The addStructuredDocumentTag method supports working as an inline WordFragment.
  • MultiMerge supports OLE objects and multiple list level overrides (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • New information key in Indexer that contains DOCX extra information (variant, macros...) (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Improved handle DOCX templates that use uppercase ContentType extensions and placeholders with non ASCII characters.
  • Improved searchAndHighlight, searchAndColor and searchAndReplace when content paragraphs to be updated starts with protected XML characters or not standard double quotation marks (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Indexer gets paragraph tags to avoid extra empty blank spaces when returning text contents (Advanced and Premium licenses).