phpdocx v14 release notes

  • May 10, 2023

We are glad to announce phpdocx 14, the latest major version of the library.

phpdocx 14 means a huge step in the history of the library, as it includes something completely new: an AI module to integrate it with GPT OpenAI and phpdocx in order to work with DOCX documents.

Besides, version 14 includes more than thirty new features, methods and improvements. A whole set of options that makes phpdocx an even more essential asset for your document generation tasks.

In order to get phpdocx 14, just go to Pricing and select the license(s) that best suits your project needs. Users that already have a license can upgrade to the new one in MY PHPDOCX by choosing the license to be upgraded. Users with a valid License Update Service (LUS) have this major version to download at no cost.

This is the complete list of features of phpdocx 14:


  • New AI module to work with DOCX documents: GPT OpenAI and phpdocx integrations (Premium licenses).
    • Extract keywords (phpdocx, GPT).
    • Generate content from description (GPT).
    • Check spelling (phpdocx).
    • Grammar correction (GPT).
    • Summarize contents (phpdocx, GPT).
    • Translate contents (GPT).
  • New addHeaderSection and addFooterSection methods to add headers and footers into specific sections (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Performance improvements. The core of the library uses an average of 10% less memory.
  • HTML to DOCX:
    • Table tags allow applying autofit using the table-layout style.
    • Cell tags in tables allow applying white-space noWrap style.
    • Apply multiple text-decoration styles to the same content.
    • Added 'data-outline-level: none' as new style for heading contents in CSS Extended (Premium licenses).
    • Set 	 to add tabs using HTML Extended (Premium licenses).
    • Added 'data-fit-text' as new style in cell contents to CSS Extended (Premium licenses).
    • New HTML Extended tag: phpdocx_ole (Premium licenses).
    • HTML Extended phpdocx_endnote and phpdocx_footnote tags support applying mark styles (Premium licenses).
    • HTML Extended phpdocx_comment, phpdocx_endnote and phpdocx_footnote tags support applying pStyle and rStyle attributes (Premium licenses).
  • Drupal 10 module: new module to use phpdocx with Drupal 10 (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • New styles for endnote and footnote marks: highlight, underline, backgroundColor.
  • modifyInputFields supports setting header and footer as targets.
  • Strict mode supported in the DOCXStructure class. Strict documents are detected automatically to use them with phpdocx methods.
  • New options in addTextBox to apply border styles: dashStyle and lineStyle.
  • New writeProtection option added in docxSettings and modifyDocxSettings methods to set readonly setting.
  • DOCX to HTML (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • Support of conditional table styles and the tblLook tag.
    • Improvements transforming table styles without internal pPr and rPr styles.
  • Native DOCX to PDF (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • Support of conditional table styles.
    • Improvements transforming table styles without internal pPr and rPr styles.
  • Sign classes avoid generating partial signed files in the latest revisions of MS Office. SignDocx uses DOCXStructure internally (Premium licenses).
  • New styleType option in getWordStyles to get styles information from style types.
  • DOCXCustomizer supports rtl and bidi options (Premium licenses).
  • Tracking supported in embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML methods (Premium licenses).
  • The conversion plugin based on LibreOffice supports generating PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 documents.
  • Added a check while applying theme styles using addChart to avoid setting legend styles if the legend doesn't exist (Premium licenses).
  • DOCXUtilites: new unusedFiles option in optimizeDocx to remove unused files. Removed the compressionMethod option in this same method. (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Added a new internal check to avoid duplicated PHPDOCX internal styles when the same DOCX template is opened multiple times.
  • Clone methods (cloneWordContent and cloneBlock) generate new id and name attributes for drawing object non-visual property tags (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • New PhpdocxLogger::$errorReporting public static variable to set a custom error reporting value. Default as E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED.
  • PHP 8.2 and newer PHP versions use mb_convert_encoding when setEncodeUTF8 is enabled.
  • New useFixedAnnotationPositions option in PDF methods to improve working with PDF internal link annotations using PDF readers that don't detect all PDF contents automatically (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • DOCXStructure and in-memory DOCX documents supported in optimizeDocx (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • DOCXStructure supported as return object in optimizeTemplate, modifyDocxSettings, optimizeDocx, searchAndColor, searchAndHighlight, setLineNumbering, searchAndReplace, searchAndRemove, parseCheckboxes, removeChapter, removeLineNumbering, watermarkDocx, watermarkRemove, replaceChartData, sign (Premium licenses).
  • Improved mergeDocx when working with notes that include external relationships (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Replaced utf8_encode with mb_convert_encoding when using PHP 8.2 to force encoding contents to UTF-8.
  • Added a new XmlUtilities class.

phpdocx 14 is fully compatible with all PHP versions from PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.2.


Update 14.0.1 - May 31, 2023

  • Supported partial notes in MultiMerge (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Added w15 and w16 namespaces when replacing placeholders with WordFragments.
  • New extra check when transforming DOCX to HTML that include lists without a valid value (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • PHP GD as default PHP extension when adding RGBA images to PDF files (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Minor corrections in the internal phpdoc documentation.