PHPDocX V2.6 release notes

  • Sep 07, 2012

We have just released the 2.6 version of PHPDocX.
All our users get a free upgrade to this new version, so if you are interested you may download this new version from your “MyPHPDocX” section of the website (available after login).
But before upgrading you may want to know what is new in this release and if it is worth the effort!!
The main differences with respect the latest stable minor version of PHPDocX v2.5 can be summarized as follows:

Greatly improved PDF generation for PRO+ and CORPORATE versions.
New HTML parser engine for the embedding of HTML into Word: 20% faster and up to 50% less RAM consumption.
New HTML tags and properties parsed (now covering practically the whole standard):

HTML headings become true Word headings
Flaoting images are now embedded as floated images in Word
Anchors as parsed as links and bookmarks
Web forms are converted into native Word forms
Horizontal rulers are also parsed into Word
Several other minor improvements and bug fixes

New addParagraph method that allows to create complex paragraphs that may include:

Formatted text
Inline or floating images
Footnotes and endnotes

New addBookmark method that, guess what, does exactly that!!
Improvements in the DocxUtilities class (only PRO+ and Corporate licenses): improved merging capabilities that cover documents with charts, images, footnotes, comments, lists, headers and footers, etcetera.

We will elaborate about all this in the near future in a series of blog entries that will include examples of use and the actual required PHP code…so, stay tuned!!