PHPDocX v3.2 release notes

  • Mar 04, 2013

We are happy to announce the release of PHPDocX v3.2.
This new version includes some important changes that greatly improve the PHPDocX functionality:

It is now possible to create really sophisticated tables that practically cover all posibilities offered by Word:

  • arbitrary row and column spans,
  • advanced positioning: floating, content wrapping, …,
  • custom borders at the table, row or cell level (type, color and width),
  • custom cell paddings and border spacings,
  • text may be fitted to the size of a cell,
  • etcetera.


There are several brand new methods:

addStructuredDocumentTags: that allows for the insertion of combo boxes, date pickers, dropdown menus and richtext boxes,
addFormElement: to insert standard form elements like text fields, check boxes or selects,
cleanTemplateVariables: to remove unused PHPDocX template variables together with is container element (optional) from the resulting Word template.

It is now posible to insert arbitrarily complex tabbed content into the Word document (tab positions, leader symbol and tab type).
There is a new UTF-8 detection algorithm more reliable that the standard PHP one based on mb_detect_encoding.
There is a new external config file that will simplify future extensibility.

Besides these improvements, PHPDocX v3.2 also offers:

Minor improvements in the addText method: one may use the caps option to capitalize text and it is now easier to set the different paragraph margins.
Minor bug fixes.

As usual, all owners of PRO licenses are offered a free update (although a Facebook share or/and an Tweet would be greatly appreciated). Please, log in the website and download the latest version from the “MyPHPDocX” section of the website. Please, do not forget to backup your current installation!