PHPDocX v3.3 release notes

  • May 27, 2013

We are happy to announce the release of a brand new version of PHPDocX (v3.3).

This new version includes some changes that greatly improve the PHPDocX functionality. There are several brand new methods:


addSimpleField: allows for the insertion of standard Word fields in the body of the document sucha as the number of pages, document title, author, creation date, etecetera.
addHeading: to insert standard Word headings that may be directly included in the Table of Contents.
docxSettings: this method allows you to modify many of the general properties of a Word document such as the zoom on openning, the printing options, to show or hide grammar and spelling, etcetera.


tickCheckbox: one may now tag standard Word checkboxes in a given template and later change theirs state with the help of this useful method.


modifyDocxSettings: allows for the modification of the general properties of a given pre-existing Word document. One may, for example, change the zoom properties on openning of all the documents contained in a folder with a few lines of PHP code.
parseCheckboxes: With the help of this method one may tick or not all the checkboxes of a given pre-existing Word document.

Besides these new methods we have improved previously existing functionality:

embedHTML: we improved the management of CSS page break properties and HTML line breaks.
addDocx: we have included the OOXML "matchSource" property to improve the rendering of embedded docx document when there are conflicting styles.
addTemplateVariable: we have "removed the extra empty line" that was added when replacing a template variable by a DOCX, HTML, MHT or RTF file.
Minor bug fixes.

As usual, all owners of PRO licenses are offered a free update (although a Facebook share or/and an Tweet would be greatly appreciated). Please, log in the website and download the latest version from the “MyPHPDocX” section of the website. Please, do not forget to backup your current installation!

You may have also noticed that we have restructured the API documentation to simplify the access to relevant information. We have also included in the v3.3 package a refined version of  the "installation script" that now checks not only for the PHP modules required by PHPDocX but also permission rights as well as the correct installation of the PDF conversion plugin (both via web or CLI).