phpdocx v3.5 release notes

  • Sep 12, 2013

We are happy to announce the release of the 3.5 version of phpdocx.

This new version includes several changes that greatly improve the core functionality of phpdocx and in particular the conversion of HTML into Word.


  • addComment: it is now posible to include Word comments that may incorporate complex formatting as well as images and HTML content. It is also posible to fully customize the comment properties and reference marks.
  •  addFotnote and addEndnote: these methods have been completely refactored to leverage their capabilities to the new addComment method, therefore it is now posible to create truly sophisticated endnotes and footnotes.
  • createListStyle: one may now create fully customized list styles that may be used directly in conjunction with the addList method or  with the embedHTML and replaceTemplateVariableByHTML methods (see below).
  • createParagraphStyle: simplify your coding creating reusable custom paragraph styles that incorporate multiple formatting options (practically the full standard).
  • addLineNumbering: it is posible now to insert customized line numbering in your Word document.
  • addPageBorders: its name explains it all (custom border types, colors, width, ...).
  • addText: it is now posible to customize paragraph hanging properties and indent the first line of text.
  • addMathMML: refactored to include inline math equations.


  • 'useCustomLists' option: it allows to mimic sophisticated CSS list styles with PHPDocX. One should create first a custom list style via the createListStyle method with the same name as the CSS style that one wants to reproduce and if this option is set to true the corresponding Word list style will be used.
  • General improvements in the format rendering of list elements and table cells (in particular with sophisticated row and colspan layouts).


  • setLineNumbering: allows for the modification of the line numbering properties of an existing Word document. 


  •  New integrated versions of OdfConverter for Linux 64-bit OS and Windows.

Besides these new methods we have also included some minor bug fixes and multiple improvements in the documentation as well as new examples.

As usual, all owners of PRO licenses are offered a free update (although a Facebook share or/and an Tweet would be greatly appreciated). Please, log in the website and download the latest version from the “MyPHPDocX” section of the website.

Please, do not forget to backup your current installation!