phpdocx v3.7 release notes

  • 01 / 13 / 2014

We are happy to announce the release of the 3.7 version of phpdocx.

The main goal of this version is to allow for the generation of "right to left language" (like, for example, Arabic or Hebrew) Word documents with phpdocx.

It is now possible to set up global RTL properties that affect the whole document or to stablish them for just some particular elements like paragraphs, tables, etcetera.

The following methods/classes/files have been added or modified:


phpdocxconfig.ini now admits two new global options: bidi and rtl.
setRTL: allows to set global RTL properties for a particular document.
embedHTML: now the HTML parser supports HTML and CSS standard RTL options. There has been some additional modifications to improve performance (a blog post will follow in a few days).

The following methods allow for rtl options:

  • addSection
  • modifyPageLayout
  • addDateAndHour
  • addEndnote
  • addFootnote
  • addFormElement
  • addLink
  • addMergeField
  • modifyPageLayout
  • addPageNumber
  • addSimpleField
  • addStructuredDocumentTag
  • addTable
  • addTableContents
  • addSection
  • addText
  • createListStyle: allows now to use custom fonts for bullets.


The merging includes some improvements for images included within shapes.


There is a new debugging mode to simplify the installation process.

Besides these new methods we have also included some minor bug fixes and multiple improvements in the documentation as well as new examples.

As usual, all owners of PRO licenses are offered a free update (although a Facebook share or/and an Tweet would be greatly appreciated). Please, log in the website and download the latest version from the “Myphpdocx” section of the website.
Please, do not forget to backup your current installation!