phpdocx v5.0 release notes

  • Sep 15, 2015

We are happy to announce a new phpdocx major version. The 5.0 version is now available for download with new remarkable features such as one highly demanded by the market: XMLAPI.

XMLAPI is a new API for document generation without PHP. Its simple XML tagging allows to access the phpdocx methods, as well as working with templates, transforming, encoding and signing documents and changing its properties.

These are the main advantages of XMLAPI compared to standard phpdocx:

  • XML reuse.
  • Code separation.
  • Ease of use.
  • No programming skills required.

This feature is only available for the Corporate and Enterprise versions.

Besides this great innovation, the new version also includes a feature that will greatly facilitate the documentation of developments made to fit the library to custom needs: Logger

By default phpdocx runs log4php as inside logger. From v5.0 on it is possible to choose a custom logger that complies with the PS3 Logger interface.

If you have a phpdocx license with a valid License Update Service (LUS), go to your dashboard (MY PHPDOCX) and download this new version free of charge to enjoy without delay the great potential provided by this new version.


Starting from the XMLAPI development, we have launched xmldocx. It is based on phpdocx and allows to work with DOCX documents in the most popular coding languages. xmldocx wrappers support Java, Python, Ruby, C# (.NET), Node.js, C and C++.

Visit to learn more.