phpdocx v5.5 release notes

  • Jan 12, 2016

We are happy to announce the release of phpdocx version 5.5. This new version is now available for download and adds these great new advantages to the library:

  • A document statistics module: It counts and prints the number of pages, words, characters, paragraphs, lines, tables and images. Only for Corporate and Enterprise licenses.
  • LibreOffice version 5 improvements: phpdocx and LibreOffice are even more compatible. With phpdocx 5.5 you can generate better looking docx. Also, to convert PDFs is easier, as it automates the process even more.
  • Phar for namespaces packages: Install and use phpdocx copying a single PHAR file. Only for Corporate and Enterprise licenses.
  • PDF / A-1 support through the conversion plugin.
  • WordFragments support for MathEq.
  • Improved clean temp files: Now phpdocx deletes temporal files more efficiently.
  • Emphasis mark type support: phpdocx 5.5 now covers all emphasis marks.
  • Adding image captions.

Upgrade your phpdocx license just by logging in and visiting MYPHPDOCX. Select the license(s) you want to upgrade and download phpdocx 5.5.

If you have an active License Update Service (LUS) you can download the new version for free.

Private area

The other new feature is the Private Area. This exclusive site is only available for users with at least one license with an active LUS, and has many benefits to offer, including:

  • Latest News: Catch up on the breaking news, exclusive contents and highlights from phpdocx. Everything that´s going will appears there first.
  • Patches: Get all the phpdocx features still in beta mode. Be the first to try them before the official release in the next stable version.
  • Knowledge database: All the helpful explanations our IT team provides in the forum and in support emails, grouped and organized.
  • Samples: A comprehensive practical examples list available for you: brand new, straightforward contents to learn everything about phpdocx.

We invite you to explore and enjoy the many Private Area features here: