phpdocx v6.0 release notes

  • Jun 06, 2016

It is a pleasure for us to announce that phpdocx has reached a new, major version. phpdocx 6.0 is now a much more powerful library with the huge set of features it contains.

This is the full list of version 6.0 new functionalities:

  • DOCXPath: A new class for adding WordFragments, replacing contents for WordFragments and deleting existing contents in the main document. It is compatible with new documents and templates and simplifies low level document edition with a new set of simple methods.
  • WYSIWYG ckeditor: Many improvements to create a WYSIWYG editor for generating DOCX or PDF files. Support for new styles and tags in HTML to DOCX conversion. It includes the recommended configuration for CKEditor (
  • HTML to Word improvements.
  • Crossreferences: Support for adding cross-references in the document.
  • Import list styles: Import styles from existing lists to apply them in new documents and templates.
  • Parse carriage returns for parseLineBreaks option: Makes possible to use literals like ‘\n’ and carriage returns like “\n” with the parseLineBreaks option.
  • PhpdocxLogger may be disabled: A new method to completely disable the logger.
  • Styles for image captions: New parameters for adding style to image captions.
  • XXE automatically instead of as an option: It integrates automatic protection against XXE attacks (
  • Drupal 8 module: A new module to run phpdocx with Drupal 8.
  • Chart new options: New options to define maximum and minimum range of line and bar charts.
  • replaceVariableByText by raw elements: It allows to replace any existing string text in a document for other string text.

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If you have a phpdocx License, just log in and go to MYPHPDOCX to upgrade to the new version.

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