phpdocx v6.5 release notes

  • Oct 10, 2016

We are glad to announce that phpdocx has reached a new version that is available now for download. This new version not only means a great step forward that makes phpdocx a faster, more flexible library. We also celebrate its release with a new documentation tool for the website: the phpdocx Cookbook.

phpdocx 6.5 includes the following improvements that enhances the performance of the library:

  • Generation of DOCX files doesn't create temp files anymore, except when working with charts.
  • HTML to DOCX conversion requires less time and memory.
  • New option to generate DOCX as a stream instead of physical files (Enterprise license only).
  • New class to optimize templates and decrease required time to replace placeholders (Enterprise license only).
  • It loads the basic template in memory instead of saving it as a physical file (Enterprise license only).
  • New method to load templates in memory, which allows serializing them (Enterprise license only).
  • Support for HHVM ( (Enterprise license only).

Besides these performance features, version 6.5 includes other important enhancements:

  • Indexer: a new class to extract and parse the content of the documents: body, comments, endnotes, footers, footnotes, headers, images and links (available for Corporate and Enterprise licenses).
  • replaceListVariable and replaceTableVariable options now support the use of WordFragments as values.
  • New methods to clone and move contents with DocxPath (available for Corporate and Enterprise licenses).
  • New option to add URLs in images with addImage.
  • New option to apply the WordFragments styles when placing content in lists.
  • rawSearchAndReplace, a new method that replaces strings in any XML file of a DOCX.
  • Added page-of option to insert numberings of the “page X of Y” kind.
  • We have deleted the deprecated constructor messages in FPDI when running PHP 7.
  • Htmlawed updated to the last available version.

The documentation section of our website has another new section that will be of great help: the phpdocx Cookbook. This is a knowledge base with articles that explains how to handle many different tasks, and so saves you lots of time. These recipes cover some usual tasks so you won't need to code them from scratch or specific, unusual ones that maybe you didn't know you could do with phpdocx .

Upgrade your phpdocx license just by logging in and visiting MYPHPDOCX. Select the license(s) you want to upgrade and download phpdocx 6.5.

If you have an active License Update Service (LUS) you can download the new version for free.