phpdocx v7.5 release notes

  • Oct 03, 2017

We are happy to announce a new phpdocx version, available today for our users.

phpdocx 7.5 incorporates a handful of improvements and features that raises again the bar of the full potential of the library.

This is the full list of the 7.5th version improvements:

  • Charts improvements: new data structure to repeat name values, editable charts, majorUnit, minorUnit, scalingMax and scalingMin support for bar, col, line, area, radar and scatter charts, smooth option for line and scatter charts, styles for titles, trend lines, combo charts, show legend keys and series labels, format data labels in col and bar charts (rotation and position).
  • Create chart from existing XLSX.
  • Character styles support.
  • Improved importing tables from HTML with colspan or rowspan and using the conversion plugin to generate PDFs.
  • New method to create custom character styles: createCharacterStyle.
  • New styles for paragraphs, headings, links, texts and styles: double strike through, vanish, scaling, position, underline color, character spacing, character border.
  • Support for adding images as streams with addImage, replacePlaceholderImage and HTML methods.
  • The conversion plugin allows to transform DOCX to XHTML (HTML is supported since phpdocx 4.5).
  • New options for addImage: relativeToHorizontal and relativeToVertical to add images relative to page, margins, columns and other positions in the document.
  • Improved merging of DOCX that include list styles with images or themed charts.
  • Set protected and editable regions.
  • Set math equations alignments.
  • SignDocx allows adding multiple signatures.
  • XMLAPI as strings and stream mode compatible.
  • The getDocxPathQueryInfo method of DOCXPath returns the elements of the query to be changed or consulted.
  • New option to use continued numbering in lists.
  • New option to set start value with createListStyle.
  • Set custom settings using the docxSettings method.
  • New exception thrown when phpdocx can't write to the target file.

To upgrade your phpdocx to version 7.5, just log in, go to MY PHPDOCX and click on the UPGRADE TO button on the license(s) of your choice.

If you have a valid License Update Service (LUS), you can download phpdocx 7.5 for free by doing the same process above mentioned.