phpdocx v7 release notes

  • Apr 25, 2017

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that phpdocx has released a new major version available for its users.

phpdocx 7 has been developed with one goal in mind: to offer the best library available for document generation. It includes many new features, and enhances some of the regular ones as well.

This is the full list of the version 7 improvements:

  • DOCXCustomizer: change styles of existing contents on the fly in documents created from scratch and templates (Premium licenses only).
  • New cloneBlock method to clone blocks in documents (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • DOCXPathUtilities: split a DOCX, remove sections and their contents (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • PDFUtilities: split a PDF, add watermarks for PDFs (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • DOCXPath: range of elements, iterate all elements and not only the first one, siblings (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Merge DOCX documents using in-memory DOCX documents (Premium licenses only).
  • replaceChartData improved to allow changing titles, legends and categories (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Added RTL support when importing HTML lists.
  • Added new functionality to Indexer: returns images sizes, charts data and document properties (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Joomla extension (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Improved replaceWordFragment in headers and footers to achieve a better performance.
  • Use replaceListVariable and replaceTableVariable in headers and footers.
  • Support for PDF 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions when adding watermarks, merging and signing documents.
  • Set created and modified dates.
  • Use superscripts, subscripts and strikethrough in texts.
  • createDocxAndDownload improved: new option to remove the generated file after downloading it.
  • When using DOCXPath, the 'ocurrence' option has been replaced by 'occurrence'. In previous versions, the default behaviour of DOCXPath only affected to the first occurrence, but the new version iterate all matching elements if the occurrence option is not set; so we recommend to set a value for the occurrence option to change only the first element that match the query of DOCXPath.

To upgrade the license is quite simple. Just log in, visit MYPHPDOCX, select the license(s) you want and download the new version.

Users with a valid License Update Service (LUS) can enjoy the benefits of this new version at no cost.