phpdocx v8.2 release notes

  • Jun 13, 2018

We are happy to announce phpdocx 8.2, a new version of our library that is already available for our users.

phpdocx 8.2 includes many enhancements and features designed to help our users achieve their business goals.

This is the complete list of phpdocx 8.2 new functionalities:

  • PHP 7.2 compatibility: OpenSSL support and removed PHP deprecated messages
  • Added a new option in cloneBlock to allow cloning blocks and subblocks by position (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • New class to get DOCX documents from any stream to be used as templates or for merging (Premium licenses only)
  • New options for signPDF to add supplementary data, customize the signature and add an image as signature (Premium licenses only)
  • Removed mcrypt methods to encrypt documents. OpenSSL is now used in the Crypto module (Premium licenses only)
  • New method to customize the string used to wrap blocks: setTemplateBlockSymbol
  • Block placehoders in templates don't need to be unique in templates
  • New improvements added to DOCX to HTML transformation: support for comments, new checks when default styles don't exist, added links for endnote, footnote and comment references (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • DOCXPath: much better performance when using moveWordContent and cloneWordContent (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • Improvements for the conversion plugin when transforming HTML using colspans and rowspans in the first row (Advanced and Premium licenses only)

To start enjoying phpdocx 8.2, go to MY PHPDOCX and click on the UPGRADE TO button of the license(s) you want.

If you have a valid License Update Service (LUS), you may download this new version at no cost, just following the same steps previously mentioned.