phpdocx v8.5 release notes

  • Oct 16, 2018

We are glad to announce phpdocx 8.5, the newest version of our library, which is now available for users to download.

phpdocx 8.5 means a huge leap forward in the library’s history thanks to its great new functionalities and improvements.

This the complete list of phpdocx 8.5 new features:

  • MS Word 2019 support.
  • XLSX and PPTX utilities: sign, encrypt and change contents (Premium licenses only).
  • PHP 7.3 support.
  • New method to optimize DOCX files that reduces their sizes while keeping contents and styles: optimizeDocx (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • New option for HTML to DOCX methods to generate MS Word list styles automatically from HTML and CSS. Supported list styles: decimal, lower-alpha, lower-latin, lower-roman, upper-alpha, upper-latin, upper-roman.
  • DOCX to HTML improvements: support for paragraph and table default styles set by a w:style tag with a w:default="1" property, w:cs attributes when w:ascii doesn't exist in font tags, new default values for top and bottom margins when they are not set in the DOCX, added a default HTML content for empty contents such as paragraphs, better support for insideH, insideV, band1Horz, band2Horz, firstCol, lastCol, firstRow, lastRow tags and styles in tables, increment heading indexes automatically based on style and occurrence values (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • PDF output stream mode support for mergePdf, removePagesPdf and watermarkPdf methods (Premium licenses only).
  • PDFUtilities, new method to remove pages in PDFs: removePagesPdf (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Added support for base64 images in embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML methods.
  • Set downloadImages as true by default in embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML methods.
  • New method to create custom table styles: createTableStyle.
  • Added support for completed comments. Only compatible with MS Word 2013 and newer.
  • New method to set comments as completed or not completed: changeStatusComments. Only compatible with MS Word 2013 and newer (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Replaced the create_function function if PHP 5.3 or newer when using HTML import methods. Replaced by an anonymous function.
  • Indexer now shows the fonts used in the document (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Added revision value to the addProperties method.
  • Removed a warning message when merging PDFs with Index elements using PHP 7.2 or newer (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • Updated check.php to test phpdocx requirements.

To download phpdocx 8.5 now, just go to Pricing and choose the license that best suits your needs. If you already have a license, you may upgrade it to this new version by going to MY PHPDOCX and clicking UPGRADE TO on the license(s) you want. Users with a valid License Update Service (LUS) can get version 8.5 for free.