phpdocx v8 release notes

  • Apr 24, 2018

Today we proudly announce the eight major version of phpdocx. All users can enjoy phpdocx 8 from this very day on.

This new version arrives full with a great bunch of features which take the library to real new heights.

The full list of phpdocx 8 new functionalities is the following:

  • Blockchain module (Premium licenses only)
  • Transform DOCX to HTML using native PHP classes (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • New tags, styles and selectors supported when transforming HTML to DOCX: CSS3 selectors (nth-child, nth-of-type, first-of-type, last-of-type), tags (figcaption), styles (color and width for hr, margin-left and margin-right for td, auto and fixed for table-layout)
  • Improved compatibility with MS Office 365 (when generating a not document.xml fixed name)
  • New method to change the default styles dynamically: setDocumentDefaultStyles 
  • New method to transform OMML (Office MathML) equations to MathML: transformOMMLToMathML
  • New internal in-memory base template to improve performance when generating DOCX documents from scratch (Premium licenses only)
  • DOMPDF and TCPDF libs have been moved to internal phpdocx classes
  • New method to repair automatically common issues with tables, lists and extra pages when working with the conversion plugin and LibreOffice: enableRepairMode (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • New styles for cross-references supported
  • TOCs can be added as WordFragments
  • Generate automatically the TOC in a DOCX with the conversion plugin (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • Added lastModifiedBy as option to addProperties
  • replaceChartData adds editable XLSX (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • New methods to remove headers and footers: removeHeaders and removeFooters
  • Apply a format string for axis (date, percentage, currency, custom...) when adding charts
  • New option to remove extra line breaks when transforming HTML to DOCX with the embedHTML method (useful for working with LibreOffice and the conversion plugin when a string doesn't have a tag wrapper)
  • New option to avoid adding default styles when importing HTML
  • LibreOffice 6 support when using the conversion plugin (Advanced and Premium licenses only)
  • Changed INC extensions to PHP extensions for all classes
  • Moved to ZIP packages
  • Removed OpenOffice from the packages
  • Removed log4php from the packages, any PSR3 logging library can be used

To upgrade phpdocx and start taking advantage of its full potential, just go to MY PHPDOCX and click on the UPGRADE TO button of the license(s) you want.

Users with a valid License Update Service (LUS) can download for free the new version, with the same process as above described.