phppptx v2 release notes

  • Sep 13, 2023

We are glad to announce that phppptx 2 is now live and ready for download. This is the second major version of the library and includes important new features and options, besides support for PHP 8.3.

As in the previous version, phppptx is offered in three different licenses: Basic, Advanced and Premium.

Besides, the phppptx Premium package is included in a new, cost effective Suite: phpdocx Bureau, which includes phpdocx, phppptx and phpxlsx Premium packages. You can find it on the phpdocx website.

This is the complete list of phppptx 2 features:

  • Add sections: addSection.
  • Add comments and comment authors: addComment and addCommentAuthor.
  • Add math equations: addMathEquation.
  • Replace placeholders with PptxFragments in PPTX templates: replaceVariablePptxFragment.
  • PHP 8.3 support.
  • HTML to XLSX:
    • Add breaks.
  • The addText method adds a parseLineBreaks option to parse line breaks ('\n', "\n", '\n\r', "\n\r" and others).
  • replaceVariableList and replaceVariableTable methods allow using PptxFragment as content values.
  • addSlide allows setting specific positions and sections to add slides into the presentation.
  • New option in setPresentationSettings to set readOnly.
  • Indexer (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • Sections.
    • Comments.
    • Comment authors.
  • New PhppptxLogger::$errorReporting public static variable to set a custom error reporting value. Default as E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED.
  • Reordered internal XML files in the default base template to return Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+ mime type.
  • Corrections in the internal phpdoc documentation.
  • Parsing a PPTX shows the file name in the Exception if a file can't be read as a ZIP file.