What's new on PHPdocX 1.6?

  • Sep 07, 2010

Today we launch a new version of PHPdocX with new features. We been very busy last weeks coding, testing and updating the library with some new characteristics and a major feature: now it’s possible create templates with placeholders to generate dynamic .docx documents.
Also, we made some aditions to PHPdocX 1.6: now you can use styled text into a cell on a table, text indenting with spaces (or tabs) and control over cell’s height on tables.

There are two new functions for tables and templates: AddTable and AddTemplate.

All this new stuff are only available on the PRO version, and with the download, you have a new set of examples that will help you with the all set of new features: check Table.php, Text_tabs_spaces.php and Template.php.

In fact, this new feature open a door to Mail Merge: Mail merge is a software function describing the production of multiple (and potentially large numbers of) documents from a single template form and a structured data source.This helps to create personalized letters and pre-addressed envelopes or mailing labels for mass mailings from a word processing document which contains fixed text, which will be the same in each output document, and variables, which act as placeholders that are replaced by text from the data source.

The new feature with text templates do this in a very easy and clever way opening a new use for PHPdocX never seen before.