Why PHPDocX?

  • Sep 01, 2009

Microsoft Word™ is the de facto standard for word processing and as such is widely use in a great variety of professional environments and since 2003 is also part of an open standard (OOML) based on XML.

Despite this fact, there has been little effort from the open source community to develop tools that allow the programatical creation of word documents (.docx), something that could be a result of the aversion of many programmers with respect the Microsoft “evil empire”.

It is not among our objectives to endorse or support any specific standard or company but we believe that a tool like PHPDOCX can be of much help to all of those web developers that struggle to generate reports in Word format.

PHPDOCX was born from our own need to generate editable reports for our clients on a LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) platform (although the “P” of PHP is the only required acronym to run PHPDOCX on a web server).

We offer PHPDOCX in two different ways:

Free version: that allows, at no cost, for the creation of basic documents in the .docx format.
Pro version: that allows more sophisticated formatting at extra, although very low, cost.

Although the free version will be sufficient for the majority of applications it cannot be upgraded to include support and lacks some of the flexibility and scalability of the Pro version.
We hope that you consider this PHP library useful and we wait for your feedback to improve it