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One solution fits all

Either if you need to generate sophisticated Word or PDF documents on your web server or just to replace a few placeholder variables in a template, phpdocx is the solution you are looking for.

Powerful template Engine

icon Use predefined templates to generate complex Word documents, by replacing placeholder variables.

Data-driven Word documents

icon Generate Word and PDF documents from data stored in databases, worksheets or any other source.

Generate Word out HTML

icon Embed HTML in Word and PDF documents. Apply only its CSS syles or mix them with the custom Word ones.

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linux Servers Platform independence

No need of non-free platforms. You may create your Word documents in a LINUX, UNIX, MAC or WINDOWS web server. There is no need to install any other non-free software to create documents.

First Grade Support First grade support

You have access to first grade support from the very same developers that have built phpdocx. Whether you need a custom development or just some indications on how to use the library you will be able to receive support at very competitive prices.

Performace Performance

phpdocx is fast: one may generate elaborate documents and reports in just a few hundredths of a second.
It does not require of highly sophisticated server infrastructures. It is clearly a cost-effective solution for your document generation needs.

API documentation API documentation

phpdocx offers a very complete API documentation for developers with multiple examples that streamline all the integration and development process. You will be able to generate complex Word and PFD documents from the very start.



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Stefan Schmidt

We had a php application with the requirement to create Word Documents on the fly out of existing HTML content. Very soon we came across phpdocx as it seemed to be the only up-to-date solution for this requirement. Implementation was very straightforward and support was fast and good. I can highly recommend phpdocx.

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