Do you need technical support?

You may find a reasonably complete source of free online support in the documentation section of this website and in the “samples” category of our blog.

Nevertheless we offer an extra support service at very low cost based on a system of tickets that will allow you to:

  • Contact our team of developers.
  • Request specific support for your particular project.
  • Demand (minor) improvements or enhancements of the software.
Support tickets

If you need some extra help you may buy technical support from our team of experts.

Save time and money by buying any of our competitive packages and use them throughout a whole year!

- The time allocated to each ticket may not exceed 1 hour of work from our support team.

- Tickets are valid for one year.

License Update Services
License Cost
icon PRO $89
icon CORPORATE $179
icon ENTERPRISE $359
icon icon ENTERPRISE+SUPPORT* $859
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These prices are valid only for licenses that are in the latest version. There are other fees and update plans for licenses that do not meet this requirement.

*1 year support may not exceed 8 tickets from our support team. Time per ticket may not exceed 1 hour of work.