Minimum installation of phpdocx

The whole of the files of the phpdocx Basic license require 34MB of hard disk space. But maybe you wish to minimize the necessary disk space to run phpdocx. In that case, you can delete the plugins and examples folders, and the files check.php, Readme.txt, LICENSE and Faq\ and\ Docs.txt files from the root folder. After all that cleaning, the library will just require 28MB.

Besides this, if you don't need the embedHTML method (or the replaceVariableByHTML one) to import HTML, or any other method to work with PDFs, delete too the pdf, dompdfParser and htmlawed folders inside lib. Do that and phpdocx Basic will only require 4.8MB in your hard drive.

Finally, by injecting an alternative logger you can get rid of the log4php folder inside lib. Now the library takes a mere 4.3MB to install.

Advanced and Premium licenses only

In addition to the files and folders above mentioned, if you choose not to work with the OpenOffice included in the package, you can delete the lib/openoffice folder. If you run the LibreOffice-based conversion plugin instead of the OpenOffice one, it is possible to erase the lib/OdfConverter folder too.

This is how the folder tree looks after removing all the non essential content in a Basic license.

  • classes
  • config
  • excel
    • docProps
    • rels
    • xl
      • printerSettings
      • _rels
      • tables
      • theme
      • worksheets
        • _rels
  • lib
  • templates
    • xmls
  • xsl