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Search bookmark from the template
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Posted by swatir  · 14-09-2016 - 07:02

I need some solution where I can find bookmark from the template by bookmark name and replace my data into that bookmark.

Can you please suggest me?

Posted by swatir  · 20-09-2016 - 11:42


I have been tried with the DOCXPATH but it could not work for me. 

What I wanted to do is, I have a template file in which there is some bookmarked content with the bookmark name as 'bookmark_name'. I have to find out that perticular bookmark by bookmark name and replace the content under that perticular bookmark only. Could you please suggest me how could I achive this?



Posted by swatir  · 20-09-2016 - 12:22

I want something like this,

$current_date = date("m/d/Y"); 

//get the bookmark and create a new MS Word Range (to enable text substitution) 
$bookmarkname = "TODAYDATE"; 
$objBookmark = $word->ActiveDocument->Bookmarks($bookmarkname); 
$range = $objBookmark->Range; 

//substitute the bookmark with actual value 
$range->Text = $current_date; 

Posted by admin  · 20-09-2016 - 13:41


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