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Updating custom document properties

Posted by fcds-cfrancisco  · 23-12-2016 - 15:53

Edited by fcds-cfrancisco · 23-12-2016 - 16:45

Is there any way for me to try it actually works before buying the premium license?

Given this thread from 2014:  it says the trial version doesn't include this feature.

I tried both: creating a new file, and creating from template, none of them added/modified a document properety (but the watermark and trial version parragraph were added).

I want to make sure this actually works before letting my boss know it works so we can buy this library license.


PS: I copy/pasted this example:

Posted by admin  · 23-12-2016 - 16:45


The trial package overwrites all properties of the DOCX. We guarantee you that using any purchase license (Basic, Advacend and Premium) it will work perfectly.


Posted by fcds-cfrancisco  · 03-01-2017 - 12:28

Hey, thanks for the response.

Does the library also support writing the doc property in the page? For example, if my document's content contains the author as following:

"Hello [AUTHOR], this is a test document."

If I change the AUTHOR property with your library, will it write it correctly?

Posted by atebsy  · 13-01-2017 - 07:26

Hello admin, 

i would like to know if the method public addProperties ( array $properties ) will change the current custom properties that are already set by the same method , if not which method will I use?


Posted by admin  · 13-01-2017 - 08:43


Yes, the latest version of the library allows to update the values of custom properties. But you can't use the trial package to change the properties of the DOCX as they are overwriten; you need to use one of the purchased licenses.