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Cannot destroy the zip context
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Posted by everrall  · 07-07-2015 - 13:47

After switching to PHP 5.6 I've got error "Cannot destroy the zip context" in line 0 of my file which generate document. Which means it's error somewhere during script shutdown. I'm using phpDocx 3.7. This not happening in 4.1 but I can't migrate right now because function calls changed. Does anyone know what could be a reason for this?

Posted by Ramil  · 21-10-2015 - 12:23

I have this problem too, with phpdocx 3.7 and php 5.6

Anybody can help us in this issue?

Posted by admin  · 21-10-2015 - 13:48


It's due to how PHP 5.6 manages ZIP files when adding, replacing and removing content. PHP 5.6 was released after the launch of phpdocx 4, so this PHP version isn't official supported by phpdocx 3.

We recommend you to upgrade to phpdocx 5. The migration is easy and you just need to replace some methods by the new classes and methods. The new features worth the upgrading.


Posted by Ramil  · 03-12-2015 - 14:09

I think the downgreate to php 5.4 solved this problem