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How can i upgrade my pro?
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Posted by therasim  · 04-08-2015 - 01:00

I logged in and previously I could see that I had the option to upgrade to Corporate and now it's gone. How should I upgrade the package then?

Posted by admin  · 04-08-2015 - 08:19

Hello, Please open MYPHPDOCX page after login, you'll see a button to upgrade your license. If you don't see it please refresh the page. Regards.

Posted by therasim  · 04-08-2015 - 13:57

Yeah I can see it. So once I do the upgrade, how can I enter the domain I'd need for this new product? And when can I download the new package since I still see the link for the PRO version but not for the Corporate one?

Posted by admin  · 04-08-2015 - 15:30

Hello, Please send an email to contact[at] writing the new domain and we'll change it. Regards.