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Use replacetablevariable between two specific placeholders
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Posted by krishna shah  · 10-12-2015 - 07:57

When using a replaceTableVariable, it replaces all the variables available in any other table with the same name in word document. Can I use replaceTableVariable for only single table? Or Is it possible to replace variables between two specific placeholders?

     First Name  | Last Name
     $firstname$ | $lastname$

And I need to replace these $firstname$ and $lastname$ variables (with single or multiple values) between $startReport$ and $endReport$ only. $firstname$ or $lastname$ should not be replace if they exist in any other section within same document.

Posted by admin  · 10-12-2015 - 10:58


What version and license of phpdocx are you using?


Posted by krishna shah  · 11-12-2015 - 05:19


Currently I am using a trial version of phpdocx library, But I can opt for an Enterprice version if my needs will be fulfilled with that.

Thank you in advance. 

Posted by admin  · 11-12-2015 - 08:34


Yes, it's easy to be done using the Corporate or Enterprise licenses. After you purchase the license please write an email to contact[at] and we'll send you a sample script.