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First line html table repeat with replacetemplatevariablebyhtml()
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Posted by preventeo  · 07-01-2016 - 15:09


I use the method replacetemplatevariablebyhtml() to insert some html ( table in html ) in my Docx and it works well. But when the table is split in severals pages, the first line containing the headers are not repeated (i have to open the generated file, to open Word and to do it manually).

Is there a way to specify "repeat the first line" with phpdocx ?

Thank you.


Posted by admin  · 08-01-2016 - 07:50


As you're using a template you can enable it directly on the template. Just enable the option "Repeat as header row at the top of each page" in the Row tab option for each table. After this change, if the table split in more than one page the header appears automatically.