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Docx corrupt when adding png image
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Posted by chokehold  · 12-02-2016 - 20:09


I have a problem with my docx generation. I have a template where i replace some variables and generate a docx document... That works fint..

As soon as i add an image word tells me that the files is corrupt. But letting Word correct the error gives me the document as i expect it to be. 

Im adding image like this...

$docx->addBreak(array('type' => 'page'));
                $options = array(
                'src' => $value['img_path'],
                'imageAlign' => 'center',
                'scaling' => 100,
                'spacingTop' => 10,
                'spacingBottom' => 0,
                'spacingLeft' => 0,
                'spacingRight' => 20,
                'textWrap' => 0,


Im lost here .. ? ..

Posted by admin  · 12-02-2016 - 21:05


Please send the image to contact[at] to do some tests.


Posted by admin  · 15-02-2016 - 08:02

The problem is the file name:
As it has two dots, PHP gets a wrong extension. Please rename to a single extension and it'll work fine.