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Table cell content not display is pagebreak necesary - if use ms word 2010...
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Posted by Sven May  · 16-02-2016 - 15:07


I found a really strange problem. In my opinion this is a Microsoft not PhpDocx bug...however I decided that ask you...maybe you have a solution for it :)

When I generate a document. Inside I create tables with Docx addTable() method. It works really fine. In some case the content of the last cell(s) - last cell means last on a page - is bigger than than the space at the end of the page. The generation process insert a page break automatically and the content of the cell(s) - and of course the cell of the table continue fine on the next case I open the generated document in MS Word 2013.

If I open the generated document in MS Word 2010 the bigger content is hidden so it not continue on the next page. It seems the bigger content "goes under the table border and not readable" till...the user select the design tab in the MS Word 2010 at the top, search for the table design pattern and move the mouse over the selected design. Not any mouse click just an over move. Move away the mouse from the design and the earlier hided huge content appears on the next page like continue the content of the cell.

As I mentioned it is really strange bug and I just hope that I could explain it to understand and not confused you!

So! The question is: is anybody who met with this bug and know any solution for it?


Posted by admin  · 16-02-2016 - 15:21


Really strange bug... You can send that DOCX to contact[at] and we'll check it.


Posted by Sven May  · 17-02-2016 - 06:50


I try...but first I have to discuss it with my colleagues and our customer!



Posted by Sven May  · 18-02-2016 - 13:57

E-mail sent!


Posted by admin  · 18-02-2016 - 14:57


The problem is that you're setting cantSplit as true so the document.xml file is adding this line:

<w:cantSplit w:val="true"/>

If you set it as false it works perfectly. The split property may vary on each version of MS Word.