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Unable to transform document file to pdf
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Posted by butateng  · 10-03-2016 - 16:23

Hi guys, I have an issue using transformDocument.

I created a sample file the I kept on getting an error saying file not found.

Here's my code, any help will be greatly appreciated:


        require_once(PHPDOCX_PATH . '');

        $directory  = $this->directory;
        $tpl        = FCPATH . 'fuel/application/views/presentation/tpl/kit-background.docx';
        $docx       = new CreateDocxFromTemplate($tpl);

        $docx->replaceVariableByText(array('WEBSITE' => 'testing only!'), array('type' => 'block'));

        $docx->transformDocument('presentation_sheet.docx', 'presentation_sheet.pdf');


The error says:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: rename(./presentation_sheet.pdf,presentation_sheet.pdf): No such file or directory

Filename: classes/

Line Number: 99

Posted by admin  · 10-03-2016 - 20:00


It seems the conversion plugin can't generate the PDF file. The most common issue is some missing rw access.

Please follow the steps explained on:

The 4th point explains the most common rw missing (.config folder).

Which version and license of phpdocx are you using?